Thank you

Thank you for loving me

When my heart was dark,

My brain was a battlefield,

And my lips,

Left nothing less than chaos.

Thank you for loving me

When I am undeserving,


And unlovable.


He yelled

I yelled “leave. It’s over.”

He laughed.

He knew.

“You’ll call me tomorrow.

You always call me the next day.

You know why ?


I made you Believe

that I loved you.

That’s all you need.

You seek validation.

Wether it’s real or not.

You crave to be loved.

You’d do anything

For a small taste.

See you tomorrow,

And know that I love you.”

My brain discharges the negative.

He loves me.

He said that he loved me.

I’ll call him tomorrow

To say I love him too.

How I feel

I got the news today

I’m happy for you

I really am

But at the same time

it’s hard.

At the same time

I’m scared

At the same time

I’m angry

At the same time

I’m sad

At the same time

I’m selfish

And I hate this


Jealousy fills my empty heart.

I hug you goodbye

“Don’t forget about me”

Is what I wanted to say

“Take care”

Is all that came out

I’m envious

I’m envious

I’m envious

I feel hallow

but I’ll always smile for you

February 22

You told me

That I could only have one hug a year.

I spent a lot of time on this

Obviously choosing

my birthday

But changed my mind

I’d pick

February 22




Because this hug

Would mean so much more

Because this hug

would hold so much love

Because this hug

Is about you

Because …

I love you.