February 22

You told me

That I could only have one hug a year.

I spent a lot of time on this

Obviously choosing

my birthday

But changed my mind

I’d pick

February 22




Because this hug

Would mean so much more

Because this hug

would hold so much love

Because this hug

Is about you

Because …

I love you.



Let me cry

In your arms again

Let me lean

on your shoulders again

Let me run

To you again

Let me count

On you again

Let me in

Let me in

Let me in



A love that mended me back together

It’s easy to hate something you don’t understand,

it’s hard to want something that is difficult,

it’s unknown of to cherish something unlovable,

I knew you loved me.

I knew it was pure love


when I was misunderstanding you listened,

when I was difficult you loved me,

When I was unlovable you held me tighter.

if that’s not love,

I don’t know what is.


Hear Me When I Say …

She looked at him

While he laughed

“I love you”

Slipped from her lips

Like honey

Sticky but sweet

“I love you”

I love you

In the most

innocent way,

In the way That

it’s okay if you are not mine

And I’m not yours

It’s okay

If we’re not soulmate

I love you anyways

I love you

Because you’re you

I love you because

You’re amazing

It’s simple

It’s innocent

It’s peaceful

“I love you”

He didn’t hear her words

His Earphones in

The world blocked out

Including her



You walk through our door

In your suit

Smelling so good

Looking so handsome

Through thick and thin

We promised

Lips so kissable

Eyes so seductive

Face so sweet and lovable

How can I hate you ?

I love you so

But I can’t compete with Her

perfume that smells better

Than my collection

I can’t compete

With the colour of lipstick

on your lips

That isn’t mine


My arms are tired

The sadness is creeping in

I can’t stop it

It’s too hard to swim

I can’t save myself

I’m drowning