Rocking chair 

My dad 

Use to put me on his lap 

Right before bed time 

He’d read me a book 

But he never finished it 

I was six 

He’d rock me 

back and forth 

He’d close the book 

He’d lean back 

And ask me to do the same 

He closed his eyes 

And rocked me 

Back and forth 

Sometimes fast 

Sometimes slow 

I’d hear a grunt 

Coming from his throat 

Right through his teeth 

Low and harsh 

That was my queue 

Time to say goodnight 

And pray 

For him to not come back again 

He came back every night 

Opened the same book 

And read the first page 

And closed it 

I always wonder 

Did he think of me 

When he let out his grunt 

When he held me tighter 

I always wonder 

How did that book end


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