The Sneaky Devil Got To You

You fooled us 
Making us believe 
That you were fine 
When you really weren't 
Making us laugh 

You were an evil one 
A little jokester 

You hid your pain so well 
Never knew 
You filled my wishing well 
With your tears
So that I could throw
A penny 
And make a wish 
You shocked us 
With your magic tricks 
Fitting yourself 
in a small Box 
and cutting yourself 
In half 
Never knew 
There was really blood 
On those knives
Hiding behind the curtain 
And made yourself disappear 
Everyone cheered
Your biggest trick of all 
Is when you didn't hide
Behind a curtain 
You stood right before our eyes 
And disappeared 
I woke up one day 
And you were gone
You know 
I still go to that wishing well 
It's overflowing now 
Because of my tears 
I still throw pennies 
And wish the same wish as before 
More time with you 
If you were here 
I'd tell you I miss you 
I'd tell you I love you 
But for now 
I'm practicing a magic trick 
The one 


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