He’s a rollercoaster. I can’t get off. 

I am the forest 

You are  the spark 

It doesnt take long

For you to burn everything 

In your path 

I am the match 

You are the fire 

People will always want you

More than me 

I don’t mind 

But we need each other

To start a fire 

But once the flame is lit 

You leaves me behind 

I am the grass 

You are the lawnmower 

I try to grow 

But you always cut me down 

I Cannot touch the sky 

You think 

It makes me look ugly 

I am the car 

You are the gas 

I’ll forever be dependent on you 

I can’t go anywhere 

Without you 

Poor boy 

You don’t even know

The power that you hold 

You bring me down 

I think 

Even if you knew 

You wouldn’t change a thing 


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