I’m scared of drowning

Without water


Then that means

No amount of oxygen

Could save me

I’m scared of loving


I feel like I love more

I can’t help it really

But it’ll leave me

Broken hearted

And you can not put a cast

On a heart

I’m scared of losing


losing things

That are close to your heart

Will break you

It’s a known fact

Have you ever lost someone?

Didn’t you feel lost yourself?

If you lose someone

And become lost

Who the hell will be there to find you ?

I’m scared of the oblivion

I hate not knowing

It makes my mind spin

And my heart race

But I guess sometimes

Ignorance is bliss


I did not know

He did not love me

Like I loved him

I lost him

And lost myself

And now

I’m drowning

Surrounded by