I understand 

I understand

I am not longer welcomed

I understand

You tried to tell me

As softly as you could

But it still feels

Like a gun wound

Your kindness

A taste that is new to me

So sorry

I wanted more

I understand

You won’t open

the door anymore

I can’t say that you walked away

You never showed up

In the first place

I understand

You’re sick of pretending

I am too

Pretending to be happy

Is exhausting

for the both of us

I understand

You always

Put a lock

On the gate

That leads to you

You got a new one

You forgot to give me the key

I understand

You didn’t forget

At all

It’s just easier

To swallow

This lie

Please understand

That my gun wound

Cannot heal

It keeps opening

Every time

I understand something new


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