We grew apart 

“You didn’t change”

Anger fills every word

Like helium in a balloon

Ready to explode

I didn’t change

When we were both stars

In the night sky

We both shined bright

We weren’t the brightest

But you were enough for me

You decided

That you wanted

Something bigger

You flew through time

And became part of the sun

I didn’t change when

We were part of the river

We flowed softly through

Rocks and earth

Creatures of all kinds

Gave us gratitude

But you decided

You wanted something more

You drifted away from me

You went where the path lead you

Until you reached the ocean

I didn’t change when

We grew from the same seed

Planted at the same time

Watered and fed with sunlight

We grew slowly

But still

we were breathtaking

We grew into a strong and big tree

I grew the first branch

I grew pretty flowers

And leaves at my fingertips

But you decided

That you wanted

something bigger

So you grew away from me

You grew taller

You could probably reach the sky

I never hated you for it

How could I resent you

For wanting something more

Than you and I ?

I just couldn’t understand

Why every time

you took a decision

I wasn’t part of it

Why didn’t you take me with you ?

“You didn’t change”

He repeated

Disappointment filled my body

I shook my head

“But you did”


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