The only time you kiss me

Is when you kiss

your knuckles

Before the punch

I pucker up

Give me a big kiss

And tell me you love me

I know you do

I know you love me

Why else would

Your hands

Tell me good night

Before the blackout ?

I’m so in love with you

You always seem to leave me

Gasping for air

I love it

When you yell

All the things

that are wrong with me

You’re so honest

Pull my hair harder

Drag me across the room

I love seeing your wild side

I love it when your face gets red

I tell all my friends

That you’re so connected

With your emotions

I love it

When you tell me

It’s all my fault

Tell me you love me

I know deep down you do

You always tell me when

Your breathe smells

like alcohol

You don’t like the dinner

I cooked for you ?

I close my eyes

I’m ready for my makeover

Purple eyeshadow


Suited me best