I never expected you to leave

I was left baffled

Mouth wide open

Unblinking tears

Falling from my eyes

Each step you took

Away from me

Was another bruise

Left behind

On my body

“But I love you”

Flew out of my mouth

The echo of my heartbeat

Fills my eardrums

The room silent

As if the whole world

Is holding its breath

I thought

I said it loudly

But it left my mouth

As loud as a feather

Hitting the ground

But you heard me

You always hear me

You turned around

You looked me in the eyes


You’re eyes are so beautiful

So dark

The earth was jealous

As you can make flowers grow

With just one look

You made lilies grow

Inside of me

You build a garden

in my soul

Where my sadness

Should be

Irony left your lips

“I love you but …”

Is what you said to me

That was the last blow

I never expected you to leave

I was never prepared

For you to unlove me

Even if I was

I love you so much

It would still leave me

On the floor

Knocked out