Make me forget I begged

He grabbed my neck and kissed me


Not softly like  you used to

He grabbed my waiste

pushing our bodies together

Unlike you

You use to take your time

Tracing my upper body

As if

you wanted to memorize my silhouette

Make me forget I begged

He pushed his tongue down my troat

I can still taste the drug

I wonder if I’ll be drugged too

I try to take as much in

Hoping to get high off something

Hoping to forget you along the way

He swayed on top of me

I wondered if I’m only lovable

When someone is fucked up

So fucked up

they don’t know what name to call out

Make me forget I begged

He looked at me

Hunger in his eyes

They’re not your eyes

Your eyes were kind and gentle

I swear

the whole world wanted your attention

They wanted a chance

to get a glance from you

Your eyes could end all wars

Make me forget I cried

He moaned into my ear

He sounded just like you

I wanted him to stay there

To freeze this moment

Maybe for a second

I can forget

That you’re not him

And that you’re not here